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2000 Garbage and Trash Regulations




NOTE:  The dumpster is open for garbage Sundays from 9 AM till 8 PM;  Wednesdays 9 AM till 6 PM; and Fridays 9:30 AM till 1 PM.   The C&D trailer is available Wednesdays 9AM to 1PM.  Pick-up by LaVergne & Sons is Thursday 7:00 - 7:30 AM.   Recycle material can be left daily at the Town Garage Bins.

Trash Guidelines for 2000:

On Thursday**, January 6th a new year of garbage pick-up in Raquette Lake will commence. The Town Board approved a two year contract for roadside garbage pick-up once a week by LaVergne & Son of North River who also services Indian Lake. Since this garbage will be transported to the Indian Lake County Transfer Station, Raquette Lake residents must adhere to its rules in addition to the Town of Long Lake Mandatory Recycling Law. The pick-up is limited to bagged, sorted household garbage on Town, County and State roads. Curbside pick up will begin between 7:00 - 7:30 AM each Thursday until further notice. If Thursday falls on a holiday, pick-up will be done at the same time on the following day***.

Garbage must be in clear bags. Garbage in black plastic bags will be refused. The contractor has also been instructed not to pick up recyclable items nor unsorted garbage that contains recyclables. Bins for recyclables are available at the town garage for year-around daily use.

Items such as furniture, construction debris, appliances, car and truck parts, mattresses, large containers and like materials will also not be picked up by the contractor. For these items the Town furnishes a trash trailer and C & D bin. Bagged household garbage will not be accepted by this trash trailer nor will loose paper or clean (recyclable) cardboard.

Commercial garbage producers will be allowed no more than 2 yards of uncompacted, sorted garbage per week. All commercial garbage must be bagged in clear bags and placed in dumpster containers. No corrugated cardboard containers will be picked up from commercial locations.

The schedule for handling the different types of garbage is listed at the end of this letter. This schedule is posted around town and will vary according to season. Be sure to watch for these changes.

Additions or deletions to the pick-up route can be made as required with the Town of Long Lake's approval. If you wish to be added to the route, contact Tom Murdock at 315-3544701. You are referred to Tom Murdock for any problems or questions about recycling.


** The Thursday pick-up date is temporary. You will be notified of the change back to Monday - probably in the Spring.

*** The holiday policy will be the same for Mondays when the contractor changes back to Mondays. Then the only holidays affected will be Labor Day and Christmas.

Regulations for garbage from 1999:

1. Paint, Tar, adhesives, etc., in cans or buckets can no longer be accepted. These materials must be soaked up in cat litter and hardened or poured out on cardboard and hardened before they will be accepted.
2. Garbage bagged in black or brown plastic bags will be refused; use clear bags only.
3. No flammables will be accepted.
4. No toxic or hazardous materials in more than household quantities will be accepted.
5. No waste oil or anti-freeze will be accepted; oil can be disposed of at any licensed garage.
6. No batteries with acid will be accepted. Flashlight batteries, etc., are considered household garbage.
7. Broken cement, stones, dirt, logs, stumps over 3" in diameter, etc., are not accepted. Call a local contractor for disposal.

If you have questions about what to do with flammables, toxic or hazardous materials, contact Dave Winchell at the DEC (518) 897-1200.

Any Raquette Lake property owner or year around renter with proof of residence wanting a decal permit to dump directly at the Long Lake transfer station needs to drop by the Town Clerk's office and pick one up. There is no cost associated with the permit. No one will be allowed to dump in Long Lake without a permit.

Raquette Lake Property Owners Association

Last Update: 02/26/00